Pharmaceutical Healthcare Consulting

Specializing in Geriatric Pharmacy and Senior Care Medication Therapy Management

Consulting Services for:

  • Healthcare Systems

  • Behavioral Health Organizations

  • Senior Programs & Area Agencies on Aging

  • Residential Care Programs

  • Advocacy Groups

  • Publishers

  • Academia

  • Media


Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists (BCGP)

- Review of Rx & OTC medications
- Check for adverse effects/interactions
- Instruct proper usage/timing
- Clarify/Educate about treatment/ improvement of medical condition
- Discuss individual patient concerns
- Recommend medication/lifestyle adherence guidance


Team-based Interdisciplinary Problem Solving:

- Addresses deficiencies
- Resolves regulatory compliance issues
- Discusses innovative initiatives
- Integrates evidence-based modalities
- Focuses on positive patient outcomes